Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Metaphorically Invincible Armada?

Today's news from IBC brings an interesting workflow enhancement from Inlet Technologies, the company started by the late Neal Page and his partners.

In this first IBC without Neal in the CEO slot, Inlet has cranked out an enhanced version of its Armada workflow, which was launched at the National Association of Broadcasters' show in mid-2008.

Like the name implies, Armada consists of a grouping of stand-alone products intended to create an invincible gestalt of speed and quality benefits.

Spinnaker, the company's encoding devices, form the core of the live ingest portion of Armada.

Semaphore, the quality control software tool used to identify out-of-range portions of an encoded file, including errors, can also be used to re-encode problem areas.

A third aspect, part of Armada 3, is Inlet's tie-in to the Apple Segmenter, which is necessary to allow adaptive bitrate HTTP streaming to the iPhone, either via WiFi or EDGE/3G. Inlet showcased this integration at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) back in June and - with Apple's release of Snow Leopard a week ago - the WWDC demonstrations will now be shown at this week's IBC.

We'll post more about Armada enhancements when an overview workflow becomes available.


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