Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is Workflowed?

Workflowed is an idea that's been a long time coming, but is really nothing more than a series of problems I and my colleagues have had a chance to solve over our years in the digital media industry.

Sometimes we solve them for clients, sometimes for our own personal need and, from time to time, as a challenge from friends and colleagues.

Too often, though, when we solve these problems outside the realm of a client project, we don't take the time to lay out the solution in a user-friendly way. That's the reason for Workflowed: show the problem, the solution(s) and the path between them.

For some workflows, you'll see only a text blog post; for others, when we have the time or feel sharing a more detailed verbal or visual workflow, we'll use to make visuals or additional details available.

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